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Prefabricated Timber Energy Producing Houses Architectural design – by IAAC, Fab Lab House

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wooden prefab energy solar houses timber design

Power House, which grew in numbers, and with rising energy costs and growing concern for the environment, we can see why. But the house by a mixture of Fab Lab IAAC sustainable features, comfort and aesthetics are remarkable, so that three of three with a number of us! This off-grid home, actually produces more energy than it consumes – structures using easily accessible materials designed to be applied everywhere in the world.

This plan wooden house built, with a laser-cut plywood, was a pre-built, delivered and assembled on site, minimizing the impact on the ground. The volume of wood, solar panels with the curved roof of the house meet, so as to maximize the potential of the sun. This raises the design house three “pillars”, squatting allow for the natural ventilation, while expansive windows flood home with natural light. [via]


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prefabricated timber houses architectural design

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