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Designer of Glass batch house

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Sorry, What you are looking for Designer of Glass batch house .Provides the best photos and house designs, inspiration articles and tips on home decor, kitchen design, office, dining rooms, bedroom, living room, lighting, minimalist, contemporary, modern, classic and luxury styles.
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Concrete House Facade With Sculptural Cast – Herne Bay House

Stevens Lawson, New Zealand architect, made a good contribution to the inner Auckland suburb of Herne Bay with neighbors to make this house. This house is made of different materials that surprising any changes in other blocks including concrete, dark wood and white pre-cast concrete. This has a rectangular shape and connect the front yard [...]

Contemporary and Luxury House Architecture Design Plans by MooMoo Architects

Wallpaper magazine has named MooMoo Poland-based architect “one of the most promising of the 30 studios in the world.” This is the second time in the history of a Polish studio is honored with this title. We agree with the editor of Wallpaper and that’s why we wanted to show some extraordinary job they have [...]

Modern Designing Decorative Interior Bedroom Collection Ideas from Colombini

Golf furniture collection Colombini Italian design house has some spectacular modern design themed bedroom. After viewing the images one can not help, but a sense of respect for the designer behind the beautiful bedroom.

contemporary home with beach panorama

architect building with a simple contemporary style rectangular structure that appears as if they were here from the beginning. This modern house was divided in two in one design. two houses each, one of them measuring 430.45 m2 and 396.13 m2 others. with the composition of stacked blocks of rough stone and equipped with a [...]

3D Wall Craft Storage Boxes Organized System of Home Interior Decoration

3D Wall Craft Storage Boxes Organized System of Home Interior Decoration

Wall storage system designed by young designers of Oslo as an organized home interior decoration is perfect for storing your favorite accessories and collectibles. Wall storage boxes and unique design with plenty of storage rectangle drawn into irregular wake which is made of plastic material thick mica is the art of creative crafts colorful. 3D [...]

Modern House – Old Victorian House in Southern California – designed by Christopher Megowan Design

Modern house designed by designer Christopher Megowan. Today, this century-old house serves as a dormitory for students from the University of Southern California. Megowan – a student of the University’s School of Architecture bought a house as an investment property, and this addition was built on a modern budget less than $ 130/sq. With the [...]