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Modern Small Outdoor Design Layout Idea by Eckersley Garden Architecture – Working the angles

This small area outside the small allotment of garden architecture, designed by Eckersley. McBride Charles Ryan Architects in to use this modern outdoor every square centimeter. Outdoor spaces and landscaping care as a swimming pool, garden and sitting area includes all part of the design.

Modern Contemporary Texarredo Interior Doors Design for Inspiration Idea

Texarredo is a young Italian company that specializes in the production floor and the door otherwise. Offers a variety of wooden doors and stainless steel interior with different surfaces. This collection consists of very original and at the same high-quality doors.

Unique Desk Space Saving System

Do you live in a small house or apartment? Many people have lived in a small space, especially in big cities, and when you live in a small space you need to buy furniture designed to make the best use of existing space. A good example of space saving furniture is Ulisse Desk Space Savings [...]

Best Decorating Living Room Colors With Interior Design

create best living room is not easy, with the best interior adds to the living room sofa selection also determines the harmony house with living room. Paint color selection in the living room is also an important thing, of course, by adjusting the type of house built. This time we will give you the best [...]

Small House Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect in Norway

The brief for this project is to design a 30m2 extension who clearly will be different from the traditional house smaller. To get the most out of space, we designed an open kitchen with a glass against the views of Bergen, bicycle storage under 25m2, 25m2 and a terrace on the roof. Clients achieve a [...]

Tips: Cheap Inspiration to Decorate Interior Design Your Apartment 1.8.10

Your apartment can be a look and feel from home. Apartment living is the best way to save money and you have the freedom of movement you want. Cheap home decor will make you a good feeling when you’re entertaining, and while enjoying your own place. Here are ideas to decorate and equip to make [...]