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Sorry, What you are looking for boffi contemporary kitchen .Provides the best photos and house designs, inspiration articles and tips on home decor, kitchen design, office, dining rooms, bedroom, living room, lighting, minimalist, contemporary, modern, classic and luxury styles.
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Classic and Modern, Living Room Furniture and Interior Collection Design Ideas

what about your family room? there still mediocre? we provide a fitting article for those of you who want to decorate your living room or family, with a variety of styles from classic to modern. I hope this article makes your inspiration in making your guest room design.

The Comfortable Modern Torres House designed by GLR Arquitectos / Gilberto L. Rodríguez

Comfortable modern house is located in the Sierra Madre mountains, torres house is very friendly with the natural environment. This minimalist house can be accessed by crossing the water from the waterfall and surrounded by large trees that shade. Once on the porch, looking door made dai marble, wood and steel very warm welcome visitors.

Modern Wooden Small Space Saving and Eco Friendly Compact Kitchen System Design

Modern Wooden Small Space Saving and Eco Friendly Compact Kitchen System Design

space saving compact kitchen system design
Frederick Von Ohlen is a Swedish designer who was thinking about the future about small kitchen system. It has a small kitchens that serves to occupy all the features as possible, designed so little space as possible.

Modern and Cool Ensanche Flat Interior Design by Miel Architects

The change from the flat space SANTPERE47 read from Barcelona Ensanche generally flat end of the 19th Century, the succession of isolated and disconnected the courtroom. Ensanche apartments.

Space Saving Furniture Concept Design Ideas

Space is a constraint that started hitting us today. With population increases, demand for space is only bound to increase with time. In this post we present some clever space saving furniture that is ideal for small space living.

New Modern Manhattan Condo Design Architecture for Justin Timberlake

Manhattan condo 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, living area about the size as well as four exposures, 14 floor to ceiling arched windows, incredible views of the river and are equipped with new lighting package and Sonos sound system in the display technology, including control LUTRON equipped temperature, light , sounds, colors and more. The fact [...]