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The Modern Awesome Privileged View Apartment Building Design Plans in Mexico City

59 Canelos building was designed by Juan Garduño Architects / Garduño. 35 090 SQF projects in the Bosque de las Lomas, Mexico City. Houses designed for this building is adjacent to two large buildings on the shore. Architects used 50% of the area and left behind a large green area.

Contemporary Zig-Zag Singapore House Decorating Design Ideas With a Planted Roof

Lien Residence is a modern house in Singapore, which are designed Ministry by the Singapore Department of Design Studio. This is a building, floor bungalows with a kind of zig-zag shape.

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Contemporary Courtyard House With a Big Yard designed by Architekton for a family

Lake Residence designed by Architekton for a family of four. This is a 3500-square-foot house, which occupies a relatively small amount of about 65 ‘x 125′. Inspiration was no outer courtyard is large enough, with swimming pool and adjacent lakes. Courtyard house that two levels with a trace of approximately 25 ‘x 55′. Form is [...]

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