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Best Decorating Living Room Colors With Interior Design

create best living room is not easy, with the best interior adds to the living room sofa selection also determines the harmony house with living room. Paint color selection in the living room is also an important thing, of course, by adjusting the type of house built. This time we will give you the best [...]

Changing your Bathroom with the Modern Luxury Bathroom Ideas of Franco Pecchioli

Changing your Bathroom with the Modern Luxury Bathroom Ideas of Franco Pecchioli

Franco Pecchioli inspires you in changing your bathroom models. This is his unusual idea for modern luxury bathroom. He uses the contemporary bathroom features new ceramic tile collection. He said that the bath is Pieces de resistance from elegant bathroom. The bath is finished inside and out with mixed motives mixtures, the square wall tiles, [...]

Modern Interior Entertainment Centers Furniture Italy Design

Modern Interior Entertainment Centers Furniture Italy Design

Modern Italy entertainment centers furniture-quality glossy design. A set of furniture with a TV entertainment center, speakers and book shelf or rack collection Antic. A set of furniture in interesting decor to create a home entertainment center convenient and memorable. Oak entertainment center products of modern Italian style furniture structure. Features entertainment centers furniture unit [...]

The Modern Awesome Privileged View Apartment Building Design Plans in Mexico City

59 Canelos building was designed by Juan Garduño Architects / Garduño. 35 090 SQF projects in the Bosque de las Lomas, Mexico City. Houses designed for this building is adjacent to two large buildings on the shore. Architects used 50% of the area and left behind a large green area.

luxury home in Sao Paolo, Brazil – with amazing outdoor

Luxury homes designed by architects Bernardes Jacobsen, was inspired by the heat of the world’s five star resort, this modern house in Sao Paolo, Brazil is a hidden oasis. Secretly hidden behind a wall of green grass, this luxury home offers a stone and wood for the exterior, with the scenery outside the house in [...]

Modern Innovative Electrical Plug and Switches Accessories That Will Turn Heads

Would a power cord, after a few moments wondering what to do with them? Are you a gadget addict or in a house full of them, you have scratched his head at all lying about, the cables free, or at the place where awkward. Here are some good power accessories that will help you to [...]