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Contemporary Classic Dining Room Table Furniture Design Ideas from Bulthaup

Sitting, eating, enjoy together and talk. That makes the kitchen and dining heart of the house, and the focus of communication. Today, we have decided to show some idea of the dining table design from Bulthaup.
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Modern E House Architecture Design By Agraz Arquitectos

E House designed by Agraz Architectos collaborates with many performers. This modern house belonging to the family Viramontes Espinosa, who wanted a suitable place in the environment and also the challenge of difficult areas. Designed with an unusual triangular shape, the house was not only the realization of a dynamic and impressive skyline outside [...]

Contemporary Sleek Yet Natural Wood Furniture Outdoor Bench Design Ideas by Nico Yektai

This modern bench designed by Nico Yektai outside. This is part of a series of bank material properties similar to all natural and sleek design. Thank you for the use of stainless steel brackets again this bank has a comfortable and safe swimmers. Cast concrete legs serves as a visual for the back and armrests [...]

Minimalist Modern Yet Monolithic Sideboard System Inspiration Design Ideas Nuf by Performa

Nuf is not a new product of the power than a hint rack system. Although the buffet is very creative, which deserves to be mentioned. As a hint, was designed by Udo Schill. The system is flexible, but in a monolithic design. It has a curved grooves in the surface embedded, allowing the modules to [...]

Prefab and Sustainable Design by Architect Daniel Libeskind

Unique house designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. Mold “and” sustainable “are couples who go together like salt and pepper. Luasny House this Innovative 515m2, two floors with a basement is not a luxury villa on extra frugality, boasting four bedrooms, hidden behind a mirror TV in four bathrooms, Jacuzzi and sauna, fireplace, aluminum-framed balcony, under [...]

Contemporary Home Architecture Design Lot 23 House by Juan Esteban Correa

Construction of the joint assembly continue to increase hot season. Looks like a rat race unchallenged to exhaust a long journey that is unique or very hour passed with most plans, is not it? Express by crossing intelligent appropriate volume with strange and beautiful landscapes, engineers time, these environmental problems in Colombia. Juan Esteban Correa [...]