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Japanese architect home

Modern house with Japanese architectural style is located in Nagoya, Japan designed the model home office design. with a simple exterior. contemporary print. white box, with a few details and the glass just gracing the ground floor facade. to appear, where you will be surprised to find a tri-level balcony that opens every floor outside [...]

Modern Black Extension of Victorian Home Architecture Design Ideas

Extension to Victorian house has been inspired by the geometry of the existing house and garden. Modern additions to the house wrapped in a black zinc smooth, with a continuous layer along the path on the roof, emphasizing the complex topography.

Unique Modern Colorful Alphabet Book Storage Shelves for Divider Room

Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa create unique furniture alphabet bookstorage to separate between spaces. This cabinet can store books, magazines, CD or other items.

Modern Prefab Villa Soltun Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect

The houses are carefully placed in the landscape and follow the slope of the area as a place of Nordåsvatn. Houses in the form of twists and turns of a plan to follow the site boundaries. All bedrooms are downstairs with a large, open floor.

The Open Concept Interior Decoration Spaces Playful Office Design

This is a fun project for the Office of Telecommunications in Thailand. These changes in the workplace in a playground. The building is to encourage creativity and dynamism to the conventional standards of care, relaxation and concentration. Hassell has the task of building a new DVLA won.

Amazing Outdoor Patio Chairs As A Collection Of Modern Design

Features weather-resistant both in pillows and frames. Terrace design features a very modern and sleak curvy contrasting accents. Can also add a gazebo to put extra chairs is nice outside. With modern luxury accented loveseat is a perfect addition or enhance the beauty of the central part of the exterior of the house. Patio furniture [...]