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Unique Bubbles Box for Micro Hotel Concept Model Architectural Design Ideas

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bubble boxes small apartments architecture design
You always have to fly to the next destination and the hotel after booking a hotel? And if there are different ways to relax between flights, such as the right to micro-hotel at the airport? The hotel micro bubbles in the image below at home, while his occasional and it [...]

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GB Modern Brazilian House, Abode of Unique Architecture in Brazil by MMEB architects 1.8.10

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GB House is a bold architectural design of the architect in Brazil MMEB completed. 531.00 m², is impressed, this modern hotel not only in size but also in the unique architecture. Corner wall of the unexpected and spectacular outer corner of the house to look like this attractive.

Simple Beautiful Apartment Design Inspiration in Sweden

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The hotel is situated in central Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden to pay, this spacious home the remains of historical value. The core of the village is a beautiful space with large windows in the shape of the original date of the last century architectural design. This wall also has a statue that [...]

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