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luxury beach house – wooden

architecture with a hint of the beach was in vogue, because it provides the natural feel of extraordinary. combined with the model home is open, the more attractive to set up. built with a sloping ground, supported by five pillars, surrounded ini.Di style pavilion on deck, outdoor entertaining area offers stunning views in all directions [...]

Minimalist Lounge FOSSA Sofa Corner Seat Designs Ideas

Longe, living room sofa, corner sofa is minimalist and functional furniture that you mean. Cushion element can be found on the sidelines between the sofa, furniture can be included such as magazines, books, mp3.
minimalist sofa,minimalist lounge,modern corner seats photos

Modern Colorful and Fresh Furniture Collection Design Ideas : Kube

Modern Colorful and Fresh Furniture Collection Design Ideas : Kube

modern colorful furniture gallery collection ideas
KUBE is a playful and colorful interior design has a unique personality. Colorful, strong and well, full furniture collection, as the room looks on. He is very dynamic, and that’s good enough to inspire people around them should be the same.
colorful interior,kube furniture,modern furniture,colorful interior design,playful colorful interior design [...]

Triple Functional Stylish Sofa Furniture Design with Bookshelves Storage

It is an elegant chairs, sofas and libraries in a single housing. This is called Bucephalus. This furniture is Emanuele Canova has a triple function. This class is seating, sofas and bookcases.
Simple furniture design,triple bookshelves,OCTAGON bookshelves,simply elegance furniture,triple bookcase design plans,sofas with bookshelves

Cornell Silo House Architecture Design by Student of Cornell University

As a compact, modular structure, proving that green building Silo impressive energy-saving things do come in small spaces! This house is mainly composed of three modules cylinder life bedrooms, kitchen and living room around the square yard, shade and supported by a canopy of 40 photovoltaic panels capable of generating eight kilowatts of electricity power.
silo [...]

Modern Contemporary House Architecture Filled with Natural Light and Black & White Exterior

This house is Candamo contemporary, Spanish and designed by the architect OmasC. This relatively new and was built in 2009. Rural site provides a parking space close enough to home that are placed by a stone slab on the ground connected. The house consists of two pieces are connected together and a day and a [...]