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Modern Eco Friendly Lamboo Solar Powered Studio Built From Bamboo

The Lamboo Studio project. This round Eco Lodge is built of bamboo. The small studio uses a system of solar-roof-shaped radicals S. Radical S-shaped roof system helps to warm the house cool in summer and winter. Permanent metal roof coating also has a built electric solar panels.

Fresh Green Kitchen Style Interior Design for Inspiration Idea with Photo

This paper focuses on green kitchens. This kitchen inspire healthy living, not only because of its subtle colors, but also for their designs. Green signal of wealth, success and growth.

Modern Multifunction Level T Desk Home Office Furniture Design with Storage

AG Country 14 is the creator of the T in the office of the management. The whole office has to make simple lines and modern, but firm prepared a statement of the managers in to.

Living Rooms Ideas From Zalf

Living room designed by Zalf. Contemporary life, neutral colors and modern equipment to emphasize the theme of the room gives you a comfortable living experience. With the bare needs strategically placed in the room, one can enjoy the benefits of easy living. makes nice place to live. please see the gallery collection of living room [...]

Cubic House in Nikaia designed by Christina Zerva Architects

Cubic houses designed by Christina at Nikaia Zerva Architects, consists of two forms, the living and sleeping areas, connected by a glass bridge. The construction of the steel skeleton of the object wrapped by organic prefabricated blocks which act as the perfect insulation for a warm summer and winter was typical for the region. Interaction [...]

The Otto Bock Luxury Building by Gnädinger Architects

This Otto Bock architectural commercial building amazing project is designed by Gnädinger Architects. These six-storey otto bock building was designed for a world leader in prosthetics and orthoticsthe Otto Bock HealthCare company located in Berlin, Germany. The organic-dynamic design of the six-storey building is based on the principles of nature – as a model of [...]