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Sorry, What you are looking for lightning of lamp speech .Provides the best photos and house designs, inspiration articles and tips on home decor, kitchen design, office, dining rooms, bedroom, living room, lighting, minimalist, contemporary, modern, classic and luxury styles.
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Modern Elegant Black & White Kitchen Set Furniture Design by Futura Cucine

In recent years, the kitchen is changing, because we are more demanding of our time and have become less to spend on cooking. Many of us are in motion, always busy to find time-saving method.

Small House Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect in Norway

The brief for this project is to design a 30m2 extension who clearly will be different from the traditional house smaller. To get the most out of space, we designed an open kitchen with a glass against the views of Bergen, bicycle storage under 25m2, 25m2 and a terrace on the roof. Clients achieve a [...]

Modern Smart House And Interior Design Of Future From Eureka TV Series

Sarah is a “Smart Home” in Sci Fi TV show Eureka. The fourth season of the series was begun recently and of course the house of Sheriff Jack Carter, the protagonist of the series, has shown in all of the new series was. Smart Home offers many services to residents and guests, all of us [...]

Beach T-house designed by Pete Bossley

Okitu house designed by Pete Bossley is located in the dream. The beauty of this beach is located on a ridge above the east coast with views of Poverty Bay right round to Tatapouri Point in New Zealand. This beach house also has a shaded outdoor area sheltered from the east and the east wind, [...]

Minimalist and Modern Interior Design Inspiration In Sweden Small Apartment

A modern Sweden apartment, is the surface area of 61 square meters remarkable examples of how you can space the court. Sweden has this feature flat 10 square meters roof terrace, which not only beautiful scenery around the roof, but also offers a comfortable place to relax. Apart from Sweden apartment with a hidden storage [...]

White Primitive Furniture Design with Granite Finished

Turin Design Studio to develop appropriate- Nucleo called “primitive series” furniture, which are clearly to be seen as a mild white granite.