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Unique Desk Space Saving System

Do you live in a small house or apartment? Many people have lived in a small space, especially in big cities, and when you live in a small space you need to buy furniture designed to make the best use of existing space. A good example of space saving furniture is Ulisse Desk Space Savings [...]

The Contemporary Classic Extension to A Luxembourg Art Gallery by Architect Philippe Schmit

This is the art gallery extension for the extension of Luxembourg. The building was designed by architect Philippe Schmit. The expansion of the Villa Vauban consists of two floors, the lower water. This new section of the building is a gallery with sculptures, workshops and loggias children, the traffic to the original site.

contemporary courtyard house design located in Washington

home design made by Hutchison & Maul Architecture has taken property benefits and drawbacks, and which has made them work in support of this unique design, contemporary design. The Courtyard House is sitting quietly on the long, narrow and steep slope, surrounded by woods and overlooks the harbor. Features of the house plan sites, which [...]

The Modern Yorkville Residence by Taylor Smyth Architects in Toronto, Canada

Located in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto, the dramatic Yorkville Residence is a delight to those who love bold shades and brilliant architecture. Taylor Smyth Architects is a Toronto based practice dedicated to excellence in design and client service, and the creation of environtments of distiction. only enhanced by a beautiful dark exterior that [...]

Stunning Home with Large Glass Exterior Design Oakland Residence with Dramatic Views of San Francisco Bay

Stunning Home with Large Glass Exterior Design Oakland Residence with Dramatic Views of San Francisco Bay

modern stunning home architecture design ideas
Here is a modern house Kanner Architects. House Oakland, California, is a fascinating project and the size of a spectacular landscape. Located in the Oakland Hills, has the building been tried with success record and a breathtaking view over the bay of San Francisco.

Top 5 Plan Ideas Home Gym Collection Design With Tips And Pictures

If you are health conscious, the most important thing in the arrangement of the house is a gym room, which can provide an attractive investment. collection of photographs below we provide for you who want to add a gym for a workout room.