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The Materials Component Designing Modern Secret Space Safe House Architecture Design

The facade of this house contains a secret word for shiny glass ceiling, hidden from sight. It is a secret place with plenty of space and open attitude, beautiful. solid shell leather provides protection from the elements, complete with a bridge. There is already a fence around the dark gray layer, which raises the front [...]

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Modern Contemporary Cube House Decorating Design on Lake Okoboji

This beautiful house was built by EB Min, Jeffrey L. construed days. The house is located in rural Iowa, Lake Okoboji. This cube house is situated on a small lot on the lush coast, where old houses are McMansions and new situation. Single footprint to minimize the size of the houses on the site so [...]

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Modern Elegant Sleek and Modern White Cube House by A-cero Architecture

A-cero has one more model from their homes and modern modular presents cool. Houses show opened in Ferrol (La Coruña) for those who want to visit them. New home featured in the facade is a combination of black glass with white aluminum composite panels.

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