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Contemporary Modern Irregularly Shaped Houses Designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Modern house shaped house was designed by the Rockefeller Partners Architects on many generous 10,000 square meters. The house also has irregular shape and is divided into two wings to maximize the view and reduce the mass. Thanks to such forms and lots of glass almost every room in the house connected to the outdoors and have access there.

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The house is located on 1200 m2 block of land with a significant fall from the road. The shape of the building takes the form of topography and land forms, he has a slim trail to allow ventilation and solar access to the entire room house keeping Pittwater views from every room. The site is oddly shaped boundaries is the longest running east-west orientation allows for the north and overlooks beautiful Pittwater and surrounding areas. architecture design by Gartner Trovato
Beautiful Modern Bayview House Architects