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Australian Architect Tony Owen Mitra designed Moebius House in Dover Heights, Sydney. Since the beginning, the design of this house is an ultra-modern future of innovation and technology. According to Tony Owen Mitra, the house is “an example of liquid architecture ‘where the project is designed parametrically using digital 3-D software to respond to environmental issues” Maximizing ventilation.
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Outdoor Living House Plan

Outdoor Living House Plan

Outdoor Living House Plan
A home is everyone’s desires. with panoramic mountain and green grass, it becomes very attractive to live in the house. unique shape and the glass walls of the magnificent natural setting. Rooms Landscape Architecture House by LID is a contemporary country house overlooking Glencar Lake and surrounded by mountains in Sligo, Ireland. The house is renovated, rearranged, and really opened out to create a living room and outside entertaining area. Features focus of this modern, attractive in the house, indoor / outdoor space with sunlight is enough – soaked space to relax alone or entertain the group. for reading, relaxing or dining room, kitchen connected to the house. The innovative, inverted roof is designed to harvest rain water, and visually connect the house to a garden pond and lake beyond.
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photo credit: Christopher Heaney and LID Architecture