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Modern Complete Bathroom Furniture Set System and Versatile Modular

glamour complete bathroom furniture system design

Via Veneto of Falper is a full bathroom furniture system is very flexible and modular. On-Top, bottom-up and built-in sink, four types of buttons, width 21, 3 heights and 3 standard depth, curved elements and changes in depth, and many other things you completely personalize your bathroom.


Minimalist Scandinavian Wall Shelves Storage Cabinets System Furniture Design

minimalist scandinavian shelves cabinets system

Scandinavian design is always on the lookout for a good, practical and easy. String is a modular shelving and cabinet system, by Nils Strinning for Stringfurniture who are ready, which should prove once again. It was introduced in 1949 and since then it’s a great example of modern Scandinavian design.