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Cubic House Design – in South Germany

Elegant white house, designed by architect Marcus Kaestle, Michel Andreas Roeder Ocker and European architecture firms to design houses C18 cubic Architect for what could be the most sense of all – designer jewelry. Located in the southern German city of Wissgoldingen, this 2043-sq .- ft, cubic home design is very simple. Behind the romantic, [...]

Luxury Chinese Interior Design

Chinese interior design that combines the tradition of this beautiful and contemporary design from China. kecermelangan can be seen from the interior here.
Luxurious interior design can be seen from the furniture, funiture contained in this interior design. sophistication and brilliant design that provides comfort in living in this luxury home.

Beautiful Bedroom Collection Decorating Ideas with Photos

You’re decorating a bedroom, you should listen to the article below about a beautiful bedroom collection. The longest of our lives we spend in the bedroom, the bedroom furniture and a comfortable interior and beautiful to be focused in decorating a bedroom. We put together a list for your bedroom design to follow.

Modern Sustainable Blue House Materials Architecture Design by FARO Architecten

Blue House was designed by Dutch architect Pieter Weijnen from Faro Architecten. It is in Steiger island, one of seven artificial island away from Amsterdam IJburg lakes dredged LJ. The color reminds the blue waters, surrounded and that’s what takes its name. The houses are designed with the use of sustainable energy in the mind. [...]

Modern New Sample Ikea Catalog 2011 about bathroom Designs Ideas with Furniture

Modern New Sample Ikea Catalog 2011 about bathroom Designs Ideas with Furniture

modern ikea 2011 bathroom faucet design ideas
We showed a preview of the 2011 IKEA catalog and now it is time for the full version. It can be accessed online, but we will show you some interesting ideas that can be found here.

Sustainable Seagrass – Living Room Design Idea from Pottery Barn

Very durable, sustainable and rich in tone variation, seagrass and abaca both ideal for relaxed living spaces such as porch, patio and conservatory. Barn’ve ceramics was to create hand-woven over wooden frames to furniture with the same high quality of its construction as pieces of cloth.