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Beautiful Contemporary Cubic House Park Box Design by PATH Architecture

beautiful contemporary house design plans
The hotel is located just across the road in North Portland Unthank Park, Box Park is a two-unit row houses are built in standard 50 “x 100″ multiple points of Portland. Investment site will give each unit is a large private deck on the opposite side of the site a large yard. This arrangement offers the most privacy while on the ground floor a large room seem like indoor / outdoor living room, where the deck has been extended.


Evans Residence by bittonidesign studio is one of the houses are located in California glossy coating over the city. Remodel the house is mid-century modern house truly contemporary building with contemporary interiors. Indoor / outdoor living quite common in this area, but not connected to the landscape are more connected to the sky. This area is very light and airy because it features a large window. The color theme is quite neutral exterior house while inside living area features a pure white.
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