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Future Home Designs Plan Ideas Australia Architecture with Flow

Australian Architect Tony Owen Mitra designed Moebius House in Dover Heights, Sydney. Since the beginning, the design of this house is an ultra-modern future of innovation and technology. According to Tony Owen Mitra, the house is “an example of liquid architecture ‘where the project is designed parametrically using digital 3-D software to respond to environmental [...]

Creative Small Box Table Design With Storage Inspiration Ideas Photo Balancing Boxes by Porro

Balancing boxes of Swedish design group Front for Porro developed. This small table that knows a number of overlaps or irregular black metal box is. Visual look like a box falling into the void, like photography or painting Futurist immortalized.

Luxury Residence Architecture Model in Florence With Interior Designs

Here is a house full of light, color and life. Residence Micheli from the Italian architect Simone Micheli and built for the family of artists. Located in a beautiful part of Florence. architect is by changing an ordinary living space into one that will reflect the architectural focus of the creator of it: “Luxury Ethics.”

Modern Sustainable Blue House Materials Architecture Design by FARO Architecten

Blue House was designed by Dutch architect Pieter Weijnen from Faro Architecten. It is in Steiger island, one of seven artificial island away from Amsterdam IJburg lakes dredged LJ. The color reminds the blue waters, surrounded and that’s what takes its name. The houses are designed with the use of sustainable energy in the mind. [...]

Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanities with Sample Photo

Bathroom vanity is undoubtedly the center of the bathroom in a house renovation or decorating project. Carmenta created a beautiful collection of bathroom vanities, called “58?

Cool Colorful Custom Wall Vinyl Stickers Decal To Decorate Light Switches and Outlets

Cool Colorful Custom Wall Vinyl Stickers Decal To Decorate Light Switches and Outlets

custom wall vinyl sticker decals design
Who says you can not do the plugs and switches are less boring? custom wall Sticker decal sheet of current Major Series Ziemowit designed is a simple way to make your walls more beautiful and pleasant.