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The English Residence Home Design by ZeroEnergy Design

Over time, that original house became a central hub, the place to connect with international family members, and the most consistent place they all considered home. The entire family loved art; between pieces collected from their world-wide travels and those developed by the amateur painters in the family, art was always an integral part of [...]

interior design for an apartment in Manhattan, New York – designed by by Stefan Boublil

The room interior combining 3 or more to one apartment in New York who is one of the most desirable cities. address in the city center, makes a wonderful place to live and be in the metropolitan tower 61 floors. Each room interior with detailed attention, starting from design sofa arrangement, secret design door in [...]

Contemporary Levitating Forest Wooden Home Architecture Natural Design Ideas

Contemporary Levitating Forest Wooden Home Architecture Natural Design Ideas

contemporary levitating house architecture design ideas
Contemporary Homes Tellada seems at first glance to float. This is actually a visual illusion – the home to obtain the slope of the land, while mixing to bring the natural environment, with trees offering shade and comfort. get environmentally-friendly features a gift of Juan de Vega Foundation. The designers [...]

Stunning View In Contemporary Modernist House Architecture Design

Webster Wilson, the designer of the house on the slopes of an extinct volcano in the city of Portland, the implementation of his vision of modernist design with a humanistic perspective. While it was designed in modern style house with generous wood and stone finish praised. Chief of open spaces and abundant natural light is [...]

The Minimalist Rincon Bates Town REsidence Architecture Design , a Maze of Contemporary Living 1.8.10

Here is a modern house, in line with the trends of contemporary life and at the same time retain some unique design elements. The Bates House’s Rincon Studio27 Architecture, is located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. After our lives are perfect in the residential area built by the famous, right? Interior design from scratch is [...]

Sustainable Glass House Idea from Stuttgart, Germany – a recyclable house! – designed by architects at Werner Sobek

The glass house designed by the architects of the Werner Sobek is Rising four stories in Stuttgart, Germany, the modern glass building is nothing hidden. see the house through a triple-image features glass windows that allow natural light to filter through and flood every room inside. Modern, modular design – including the wooden floors and [...]