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Modern Sustainable House Architectural Design Plans Ideas by German Architects

“Modular,” “development” and “transported” – these are the three words used to describe the design of sustainable architecture in Germany Aisslinger Studio. The Fincube is the home of low-energy landscape is marked by locally grown wood Slat attaching structure, transparent glass walls. Packing a big punch in the living room 47m2, eco homes boast style, [...]

Classical Contemporary Ceramic Bathroom Furniture Set Design by Disegno Ceramica – Neo

Classical Contemporary Ceramic Bathroom Furniture Set Design by Disegno Ceramica – Neo

classic bathroom interior design ideas pictures
The bathroom neoclassical Disegno Ceramica has the charm of the classic early 1900’s bathroom, but reinterpreted in a modern way. Aptly named “Neo”, this contemporary collection of sinks, bathtubs, toilets and bidets have been designed on a smaller scale, to meet today’s compact condominiums and townhouses.

Inside the Burj Al Arab Luxury Hotel

The only 7 star hotel in the world and with services and facilities are very indulgent and provide comfort even the gods, the Burj Al Arab can justify charging visitors an entry fee of about Rs.5000 ($ 100 approx).
After a wonderful tour, if you are interested to spend more time here, your choice ranging from [...]

Contemporary Wooden Home Architecture Design, a Comfortable Way to Escape 2.8.10

Located in the Czech Republic, a modern wooden house was built by the architect Prodesi | Domesi serve as a getaway for the customer. And what a way to escape! The modern wooden house in a beautiful natural environment and built a quiet, close to rivers.

Cement Cubic Home Design Goes Modern by Architect Joseph N. Biondo

Architect Joseph N. Biondo recently garnered the top award for architectural excellence at the AIA Pennsylvania Award Program. Cubic houses located in a typical subdivision striking Eastern Pennsylvania, the house is surrounded by one other family, the houses of all shapes and sizes, fragrant with the cliches and conventions that can be easily in other [...]

Amazing Colorful Illuminated Armchair Furniture Design That Could Flash On and Off – Disco Chair

In the case of an unusual chair that you you Disco Head of Kiwi & Pom as Cactus seat as many as we may have written to us. New seats for a piece of furniture of 200 meters of wire-electronic designs.