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Simple Sustainable House Plan Design Architecture Ideas In Santa Barbara by Shubin & Donaldson

This contemporary luxury homes designed in the style of environmental sustainability in the Santa Barbara known classical sites as “The Rivera”.

Fabulous and Minimalist Bend Sofa Design Inspiration by B&B Italia

Patricia Urquiola has designed a number of surprising corner sofa for B & B Italy, that the concept of tradition changed sofa. He has the right products Sofa Bend because monoliths also fat. Bend your sofa gives the appearance of the printed material manually from supple as a sculptor.

Modern Contemporary Dream Family Home Wood Suite with Clean Interior

This stunning home of Willa Nordic Turo family. They built a house with an interesting use of materials and their combinations. It was a dream home for families facing the lake near future.

Modern And Minimalist Bathroom Interior Ideas by Axor Bouroullec

Latest collection of bathroom furniture and a sense of real Axor designed by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Axor Bouroullec bathroom consists of 85 items, including: mixers, washing, bathing and shower rooms for solutions, and so on.

Contemporary Luxury House Designs for Indoor/Outdoor Living in Shiny California

Evans Residence by bittonidesign studio is one of the houses are located in California glossy coating over the city. Remodel the house is mid-century modern house truly contemporary building with contemporary interiors. Indoor / outdoor living quite common in this area, but not connected to the landscape are more connected to the sky. This area [...]

Extreme Garage Makeover Conversion Into Living Area Interior Design

SHED Architecture & Design is a team from Seattle, who recently redesigned a 320 square foot garage, transformed into an amazing living space. This garage was so much to offer, the similar function in an all-equipped apartments renovated in general.