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Contemporary Riverfront Home Plan with a Modern Lofty Interior

Bates Masi Architects created this modern, riverside house in contemporary Noyack, NY, brought a new, natural luxury to the term “relaxed”. Simple, modern facade to make way for a beautiful, full of light interior. Designed for an actor with the rest and relaxation in mind, this house plan “becomes a study in theater architecture: a [...]

Wood Block Residence House Designed Chadbourne + Doss

Wooden houses are located in western Mercer Island, Washington, the results of the reconstruction of one of the icons architect seattle fred earliest design built in 1962. Houses are designed to accommodate large families and gathering space and perspective throughout the full length of the house. New metal skin with cedar interior liner wraps over [...]

How To Choosing Flooring for Your Home for Interior Design

Most of the focus at home is the decor and feel of your home. Believe it or not, the soil, which is an important role in the look, feel and atmosphere in the room. take, depending on your lifestyle, budget, and the amount of traffic your floor will be the perfect ground to determine for [...]

Simple Sustainable House Plan Design Architecture Ideas In Santa Barbara by Shubin & Donaldson

This contemporary luxury homes designed in the style of environmental sustainability in the Santa Barbara known classical sites as “The Rivera”.

Interior Design Residential Architecture Petrovic by Bojan Simic Architecture

Willsmere Kew’s. In addition reference is contextual with the proportion of the original emphasis placed symmetrically at the center as a part time corridor that connects the symbolic beginning of the century to the early 2oth with 21 new works century.The add this central spine with two story atrium glass roof which attract the eye [...]

Luxury Glamour House Architecture in Lemesos by George Papadopoulos of Skinotechniki

George Papadopoulos is an architect, Skinotechniki, a company usually design and construction of scenery and sets for stage, film and TV industry, but also this house for his family in Lemesos, Cyprus is designed.