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Homes With Swimming Pool in MenorcaSummer Vacation Homes With Swimming Pool in Menorca

Being a summer house, the main idea not only to create the interior space and add a swimming pool, but distributed throughout space. summer house interiors seek good relations with the outside world, their environment and occupiers of their views.

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Design of wooden houses make you feel comfortable, seemed to be in the cool woods, warm. located in Caramel, California by Chicago-based Dirk Denison Architects. Cedar walls, windows made of mahogany wood, stone and glass in abundance for a weekend house that combines modern design and contemporary, yet maintain a strong relationship with nature. Faced [...]

“Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky…” Despite the lyrics of this famous 1962 protest song, with innovative thinking it is possible to create a cube-shaped house that is both visually engaging and tasteful, as demonstrated by this, architect Lane Williams’ own home.

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