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The Unique Wave Desk Drawer Furniture Design Ideas by Robert Brou

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The ‘Wave table’, designed by Robert Brou with slice techniques”. Wave-table or table for each tower has a folder with a file drawer for storage. A tower has issued a wave of small table with drawers, work on the surface of the withdrawal.

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Unique Eco Home Garden Architecture Design Ark by Zed Factory

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Ark of the Garden should be available in kit form and easily assembled from natural materials like FSC-certified wood, soil and grass. Users are able to plant his garden on the roof to match the environment.

Modern Office Interior Design Solutions Ideas by Rottet Studio

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You have an office? and confused interior designing and managing to look elegant and luxurious in the presence of the client. following we provide articles that inspire and suitable for those of you who are designing your office space. Rottet Studio have Designed for the office interiors Artist Capital Management in San Francisco.