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Unique Modern Colorful Alphabet Book Storage Shelves for Divider Room

Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa create unique furniture alphabet bookstorage to separate between spaces. This cabinet can store books, magazines, CD or other items.
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Unique Polyhedron Habitable, Relaxation and Ingenious House Architecture Design Ideas

Unique Polyhedron Habitable, Relaxation and Ingenious House Architecture Design Ideas

Polyhedron is a space is occupied by a small residual captive Colombian architect Manuel Villa in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Owner wants to close cradles a miniature of his court, where parents and their children can spend time in silence. “Geometry busy” to provide refuge and shelter, but also as a holiday.

cool design architecture,polyhedra [...]

Unique Creative Inox Radiators Designs from Cordivari

Cordivari Design is an Italian company that produces innovative search radiator. To this day we chose to show you some of inox products in this collection, the material does not have a lot to do with creativity. However, people in Cordivari managed to come with stunning design radiator. Because of unusually large size, they generate [...]

25 Zecc Project Houses Architecture Design

On the east side of South Groningen, an industrial area become blurred. Therefore, a large space to build a housing project is available. An existing building on the banks of the river a few live in their original condition. In other areas covered with large blocks that will be achieved. This block has a large [...]

Modern Waterfront House Plan Architecture Ideas With Light And Airy Design

Luxury waterfront architecture with light design house with a light and airy in the harbor is located adjacent to the property Tarban Creek, Sydney and designed by Stanic Harding.

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Glamour And Luxury Nicolas Cage’s Loft in New York

Coppola, Nicolas Cage has put Frank Gehry Power Play is to chairs in a corner, and what comes out, as Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch at the foot of the bed. Both the solid if the choice clear to the collector of furniture. The bathroom seems to have done with mirrors and Black Onyx.
luxury [...]