Simple And Luxury Loft White Color Theme Interior Design Plan


Minimalist space, luxury, elegant, and modern? this is the answer. This 120 square foot loft is located upstairs in a house in Piacenza, Italy and owned by Romolo Stanco. Ground floor 81 square meters while the first floor is 42 square meters.
simple and minimalist loft white interior

White color on the floor and dominating the hightlights shadows, distance and independent elements such as chairs, sofas, tables and other furniture. When you enter this modern house you see an open space looking for a balance between the linearity imposed by the long, parallel to the main wall. Glass center table in the structural (Romolo Stanco design for NIccolai), surrounded by Panton chair (Verner Panton for Vitra) filter out the open space in a quiet, humble way, is also providing counter to the couch. Attic area, which can only be achieved by riding dinosaurs such as the ladder postponed again, is relaxing night zone. Only separated from the living room with a glass that has the same function theater wing. Important, low bed bath conflict with expressive ( “La vasca” by Matteo Thun). [Romolo Stanco]
modern white interior plan design ideas

luxury bedroom ideas in white color

minimalist white plan design ideas

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Simple And Luxury Loft White Color Theme Interior Design Plan
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