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Summer Vacation Homes With Swimming Pool in Menorca

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Detail Summer Vacation Homes With Swimming Pool in Menorca

Being a summer house, the main idea not only to create the interior space and add a swimming pool, but distributed throughout space. summer house interiors seek good relations with the outside world, their environment and occupiers of their views.

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Inspired by the typical Menorca “closed”, stone walls zoning. This contemporary summer house plots drawn from the frame, completely impassable, based on orthogonal tracks, combining the floor, platform, water, trees, plants, cover, pergolas, walls and the house itself.

summer cottage house is located in the center of the sun outside remains divided into two, front and rear. Ward house with two big holes on each side operates as a mix of external-internal transition. Falls outside the pavement causing a section that connects the back yard with front porch.

summer vacation homes are eligible to be a place to stay when you are many areas experiencing summer with summer house is equipped interiors make the home complete with pool house. [via]

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