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New Concept Design of Simple Minimalist Square Bathtub Inspiration for Modern Bathroom by Colacril

walk in bathtubs minimalist square furniture

However, it is not as easy as you think to get that perfect bathtub for your bathroom. It is only when you go for a bathtub hunt that you realize that there are more things to know than choosing the best color for your bathtub. There are quite a number of bathroom tubs available in the market, that you will be at sea choosing the best for your bathroom. Other than, the style and looks there are various other factors that need consideration like the material used, depth, and above all the function of the bathtub. Colacril has presented a new bathtub which is a part of design project – Atmospere by Romano Adolini.


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Rocky Architecture Villa Design Larsen by Todd Saunders Architect

was born of his house rocky landscape. The house has been created outside the confined space where children below the ground, first when it opened, to be part of garden. To increase the amount of space outside, this house has a covered balcony on the front and roof terrace that captures the phenomenal views [...]

Creative Ideas Kitchen Bowl with Multifunctional Dining Table Lamps

This multifunctional kitchen accessories used for cooking and bowls made from pyro-ceramic which can withstand extreme temperatures.

Chaise Lounge Chairs Colorful Unique Design Hand Shape for the Young at Heart

Chaise lounge chairs unique hand shape design offers colorful. Chair loungers for outdoor or indoor decoration. Modern style furniture is more suited for Poolside lounge chairs. Outdoor Chaise lounge chairs sunbathing furniture ideal for toddlers and young children. Options offered by the indigo color pink, red, black, multi-color and blue. Young luxurious modern furniture [...]

Modern Tropical Beach House Architecture Floating Tropical House Design on a Steep Slope – Casa Em Ubatuba by SPBR

16M x 55m side of the house is situated on a hill near the coast Tenorio, Ubatuba away. This is 28m above the beach in a large and steep slopes. Almost the entire site and surrounding forests protected by environmental influences, so that there are many complications during the construction phase.