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the Natural Tree or the Artificial One for Christmas Tree

Which one do you like? the natural tree or the artificial one. both are good in my opinion, but everybody got their own reason. various reason such as the comfort, aesthetics, safety and eco-friendliness are to be considered while choosing your type of Christmas tree.

Workstation Blends Modern Technology and Aesthetics Features for Home Office

People need a good furniture and fashionable to put in their room. But sometime good furniture usually not simple to save an especially for people who did not have large space in their room. Workstation people need like a desk with have simple design and not to take a lot of space. A globus computer… continue reading

Arabella – Cool Ideas of Contemporary Comfortable Plush Swivel Chair by Giorgetti USA

The contemporary shape and fun, vibrant colors make this plush swivel chair a hit for modern homes. This chair design by Carlo Giorgetti and Massimo Scolari is very contemporary and comfortable fit for your home that is modern to look more elegant and beautiful. It can be used with any style because of its flexible… continue reading

Fashionable Contemporary Home Interior Design with Attractive Patterned Furniture

Home interior modern design modular home luxury to your home so that space will look attractive and pleasant to accompany everyday activities in your dream home. Every room in the contents of the product quality Italian furniture items and other products of quality and charming. Now comes the furniture that is no less interesting is… continue reading

Amazing Creative T-house Residence Interior Layout Designs Inspired Traditional Japanese House

Inspired by traditional Japanese house, the T house uses the available space with a maximum. With the influence of Japan, designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, distorted pentagonal structure is located in Tsushima City, a small village in the vicinity of Nagoya, Japan. This young couple wanted to be different, with a unique design, modern… continue reading


Contemporary Wooden Suitcase Hanger Storage Design Plans

unique suitcase wooden hanger design ideas We have a crazy idea to Lotty Lindeman, a young designer from Holland. Tassenkast was the original name of this project is said to combine travel with mobile memory for suitcase wooden hanger design. It is a very practical idea, since many objects in the bag, clothing, shoes and… continue reading

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