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Modern Decor Tile for Walls, Floors and Ceilings of Each Room House

Modern tile suitable for decorating every room of the house according to the activity. Modern mosaic tiles created by the Trend of Italian companies. Italian company offers a varied pattern tile designs ranging from classical to modern tile patterns. Tile options tailored to the activity room functions as if in the bathroom do not use [...]

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Modern Elegant Pixilated Mosaic Walls Bathroom Interior Decorating Design Ideas

Modern Elegant Pixilated Mosaic Walls Bathroom Interior Decorating Design Ideas

pixilated wall bathroom interiors design ideas
You can see what looks cool bathroom design like a pixilated or mosaik bathroom be. Here is another example of a single modern bathroom that features a tile mosaic in black and white on some walls. Although not look in top form, a kind of art yet elegant.

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Modern Bathroom Cube & Dot Wall Tiles, Treatments and Cabinetry by Kale 2.8.10

Cube & Dot is a collection of applications and modern bathroom wall cabinetry by Tamer Nakisci, an award-winning industrial designer, designed the name of one of the Top European Young Creative Talents 100 years in 2009, for Kale.

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