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Changing your Bathroom with the Modern Luxury Bathroom Ideas of Franco Pecchioli

modern luxury green bathroom interior design

Franco Pecchioli inspires you in changing your bathroom models. This is his unusual idea for modern luxury bathroom. He uses the contemporary bathroom features new ceramic tile collection. He said that the bath is Pieces de resistance from elegant bathroom. The bath is finished inside and out with mixed motives mixtures, the square wall tiles, flowered-motives and pattern at the bottom of the bath. Then you are able to choose the green color that is closer to the natural atmosphere.

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Triple Functional Stylish Sofa Furniture Design with Bookshelves Storage

amazing ideas sofa furniture design inspiration

It is an elegant chairs, sofas and libraries in a single housing. This is called Bucephalus. This furniture is Emanuele Canova has a triple function. This class is seating, sofas and bookcases.

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Modern Bathroom Cube & Dot Wall Tiles, Treatments and Cabinetry by Kale 2.8.10

cool futuristic bathroom wall tiles cabinet design

Cube & Dot is a collection of applications and modern bathroom wall cabinetry by Tamer Nakisci, an award-winning industrial designer, designed the name of one of the Top European Young Creative Talents 100 years in 2009, for Kale.

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Space Saving Furniture Concept Design Ideas

Space is a constraint that started hitting us today. With population increases, demand for space is only bound to increase with time. In this post we present some clever space saving furniture that is ideal for small space living.

Comfortable Roomy and Funny Double Chaise Longue Armchair Design Ideas

Comfortable Roomy and Funny Double Chaise Longue Armchair Design Ideas

Sand & Birch recently have the double chair, an original piece with a high degree of comfort established. Here are more official press release: Have you ever wondered how elegantly primitive could take a nap after the hunt long and hard and take the days of fruit harvest?

Modern Collection Living Room Interior Design Ideas in 2010 From Huelsta

Hülsta, a German furniture making company has come out with its ‘2010 Living Room Collection’ and it is nothing less than stunning. Intelligently designed and beautifully crafted shapes are hallmarks of Hülsta.

Modern Narrow Lot Mountain Hillside Vertical Swiss Houses Plan

Check out this cool multi-family site plan small house in the historic castle town of Regensberg, in the eastern foothills of the Jura mountains in the Swiss Alps. designed on a hill, this house by architect L3P long and slender, measuring only nine feet wide. The villa make a statement, vertical, increased both from inside [...]

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