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Modern Minimalist Space Saving Ocasional Functional Tables – Qui Pro Quo by Bonaldo

modern multicolor functional tables design ideas

Qui pro quo is a set of three different heights side tables that fit together. This device is very practical and flexible. Depending on your needs, you can use it as one of the surface of the table with a pair or individually, to create a useful surface, to tighten things up. Table of metal painted in different colors.

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PSCBATH will indulge you with your Modern Classic Bathroom Furniture

PSCBATH will indulge you with your Modern Classic Bathroom Furniture

PSCBATH is the designer of Bathroom Furniture Classic that is the combination of aesthetics and characteristics by looking at practical aspects of design into a modern classical style. For example; the furniture uses Golden Leaf Color. It creates the sense of classic in your bathroom.

Unique Tetris Shelf Furniture Design Idea by Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov

Tetris is one of the classic games of all time and phenomenal. Two decades later, continue to interest and hype. Tetris popular so that the two artists, Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov, has an epic and modern furniture Tetrimino famous model created.

Small House Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect in Norway

The brief for this project is to design a 30m2 extension who clearly will be different from the traditional house smaller. To get the most out of space, we designed an open kitchen with a glass against the views of Bergen, bicycle storage under 25m2, 25m2 and a terrace on the roof. Clients achieve a [...]

Minimalist Luxury Home Design With Mini Bar of Sandhills Road House by Fearon Hay Architects

Minimalist luxury architectural design of Sandhills Road House, designed by architects Fearon Hay, this luxurious house in a minimalist style architecture located in Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. If you want to get ideas for home architecture architects tell us how to design a house minimalist style.