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New Model of Minimalist Stylish Shelf of Wood and Acryl Materials

Showing the process of making the shelf, they create a decoration from it. The thick layers of smoked acryl allow you to hold anything you put on them. It looks minimalist and stylist so it will match any modern interior. The simplicity and neutral colors are their advances.

The Beautiful Amazing Stockholm Loft Design Ideas Collection with 16 Feet Ceilings

We can see here the all four directions and it’s blasted in sun from glorious windows besides the loft. This amazing loft is made from the high quality materials and appliances. In this area, the open and very spacious ling is really fantastic with wood burning fire place which is being made from the custom built bookshelf that emphasizes the height and shape of the ceiling and separate dining area.

Wood Magazine Holder Wall Mount Practical and More Popular Style

Magazine holder is more practical and more popular in style on the wall by forming a square pattern to adjust the size of the magazine. Designing a timber to form storage furniture is a necessity in your home as major furniture. Practical style furniture also has a lot to offer in various media.


Contemporary Steel Bookcase Furniture Design with Corian or Bamboo Shelves by Faktura

contemporary steel bookcase furniture design ideas minimalist bookshelves consists only of steel frame and a thin, almost invisible support very popular this year. DUO Bookshelf by Ana Linares and Open Grid Rack by Ron Gilad is that we have written about it. Even if it is not only simple door look with a project like… continue reading


5 Tips: How To Make Your Home Office Computer Productive and Comfortable

Not the kind of home office furniture, you have a nice office, but you only use them to store books. I mean, you kind of home office must be signed in productive work What is your main area, use it to pay bills, dealing with computers, etc … Your home office is a place where… continue reading


Extreme Garage Makeover Conversion Into Living Area Interior Design

SHED Architecture & Design is a team from Seattle, who recently redesigned a 320 square foot garage, transformed into an amazing living space. This garage was so much to offer, the similar function in an all-equipped apartments renovated in general.

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