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Natural And Modern Renovation Interior Decor Designs in the Swiss Alps

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We are very pleased to see the houses where the elements of an integrated nature. Today, the house was renovated by Christian Speck of the formzone and has a certain charm and genuine. The hotel is located in a beautiful village in the Swiss Alps, this house combines elements of modern design with exceptional rural elements, creating a unique atmosphere.

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Spectacular Residence Interior Design Architecture with Photo

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Residence converted spectacular waterfront next to the tranquil gardens. Beautifully constructed and modified in a beautiful & re-by Paul Fedusiak of “House Goldwood designed and Susan Parker’s”Parker house designs, offers breathtaking scenery and the residence full of beautiful coastline with natural surroundings.

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Contemporary Sloped Concrete Terrain Residence House Architecture in Forest

Architect Michael Rantilla the Freelon Group is a creative force behind the Residence Rantilla, admirable example of modern architecture, where nature and industry come together in harmony. In the vicinity of Raleigh, North Carolina, a beautiful sloping forest terrain is the house that presents both interesting and problematic properties.

Modern Colorful and Fresh Furniture Collection Design Ideas : Kube

Modern Colorful and Fresh Furniture Collection Design Ideas : Kube

modern colorful furniture gallery collection ideas
KUBE is a playful and colorful interior design has a unique personality. Colorful, strong and well, full furniture collection, as the room looks on. He is very dynamic, and that’s good enough to inspire people around them should be the same.

Cozy Contemporary Decorating Interiors Design in Small Two-Level Apartment

Cozy Contemporary Decorating Interiors Design in Small Two-Level Apartment

contemporary interior design small apartment design
two floors, located in Moscow and designed by Andrey Zharnitsky Studio. The first area is about 200 square meters, while the second is only 45 square meters. Interior as a whole is designed in a modern style, especially on the issue of natural colors. Played in sequence, depending on the [...]

Sustainable Residential Architecture – a “butterfly” roof

Modern two-story, 2800 square foot house -.- RainShine called for innovative design features, a “butterfly” roof that hangs on the continued clerestories allows for day-wet in it. Invert the unique nature of the wing system to collect rainwater for recycling, while also putting a roof mounted photovoltaic cells south to take advantage of sustainable solar [...]