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Modern Contemporary Sustainable Decor Southern California House – Casa Familia

contemporary courtyard sustainable house design

Casa Familia is the architect Kevin DeFreitas’ takes page design Southern California-traditional house, with a modern twist. Although small size, the modern, compact two-storey home life is far greater than what simply arranged in a square recording.

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Japanese Interior Architecture Design Home of Casa Segrada by Archaeo Architects

Casa Sagrada is a project of the architect in archeology, where they face unique challenges. The family was to create a home in New Mexico on 20 acres of heavily wooded lot. The challenge of building atop a rocky hill is an important factor in the footprint and form. Archaeology inspiration attractive design house of traditional Japanese folk music with a pitched roof and wood handicrafts carpentry.
architecture home designs plans casa segrada


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Wood Block Residence House Designed Chadbourne + Doss

Wooden houses are located in western Mercer Island, Washington, the results of the reconstruction of one of the icons architect seattle fred earliest design built in 1962. Houses are designed to accommodate large families and gathering space and perspective throughout the full length of the house. New metal skin with cedar interior liner wraps over [...]

Modern Unique Open Spaces Concept ARchitecture Building Design for Mariehøj Cultural Center

Young Danish company, we and Sophus Soby architects architecture building was the first prize for their participation in the competition for the cultural center of the city Rudersdahl excellent Danish.

Contemporary Wooden Suitcase Hanger Storage Design Plans

Contemporary Wooden Suitcase Hanger Storage Design Plans

unique suitcase wooden hanger design ideas
We have a crazy idea to Lotty Lindeman, a young designer from Holland. Tassenkast was the original name of this project is said to combine travel with mobile memory for suitcase wooden hanger design. It is a very practical idea, since many objects in the bag, clothing, shoes and even [...]

Exotic Luxury House in Toronto, Canada

Luxury homes located on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada defines eclectic mix of sophistication, elegance and exotic. geometric-shaped silhouette of this circular feature to the left and right of the main entrance, and the large round window on the front and center. Inside, the foyer windows create a bright entrance, toward the light-filled life. The [...]