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Modern Unique McBride’s Experimental House Design in Hawthorn

experimental house design in hawthron
McBride Charles Ryan is an Australian home-design company, specializing in the majority of experimental design. Your other projects, Klein Bottle House mathematical experiment, if the house trying to create an atmosphere dominated at home with no unnecessary parts. By selectively removing part of the globe, there is an inner sense of being inside and surrounded by gardens. Shell Ball also offers a beautiful interior in the first floor.


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Unique Creative Stunning Solid Wood Desk and Chair Artistically

artistic tables and chairs, can be seen in this article. uneven shape, making the artistic value in this contemporary furniture. These wood pieces can form a table and wooden chairs, designed by artist Nicole Yektai that creates stunning furniture from solid wood. It could be your idea of creating and designing furniture that is different [...]

Modern Colorful Sink Resin Decks and Basin Collection by Neo-Metro

Neo-Metro is a company that bath with the face of contemporary classical and industry, among others, deck resin colors is decorated. Erb-concepts are various wall console with a deck of resins and resin counter tops and stainless steel frame.

Modern Elegant Home Office Workspace Interiors Decorating Style with Furniture Design

Modern Elegant Home Office Workspace Interiors Decorating Style with Furniture Design

elegant home office workspace furniture design
Italian company Techno has recently won the Red Dot Design new concept was developed with Pierandrei Associati. The idea behind the work Beta Systems. It is a work environment that reflects the current needs of the workers on the basis of how they behave and work in this day [...]

Contemporary The Cello Bar Interior Design Ideas by Lime Studio

Lime Studio have Cello Bar / Cafe in Kilkis, Greece complete. Design aims to expose the entire color space with high ceilings infrastructure. With polished wood untreated concrete surfaces, classic and custom furniture, industrial space, yet warm and inviting interior.