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Open Concept Kitchen Remodeling Hillside House Design

A house on the hillside has a spacious interior room as illustrated in the kitchen with an open kitchen concept. Open kitchen concept that is a wall between kitchens with dining area was removed so that the kitchen look spacious. Limestone kitchen counter long open kitchen adds a sense of calm interior dining room.

Modern White Dream House with Open Concept by Affonso Risi Architects

This contemporary dream home located at Rua Alabadra architectural firm that designed by Brazilian architect Affonso Risi Architects. On the ground floor is raised 1 meter higher than the road surface, there is access, garages, studios and work areas. At this level, there is also a small pond. from the road surface is also smaller… continue reading

Unique and Unusual Open Kitchen Island- Ergonomic Concept

Pedini Artika and Integra Kitchens comes with new concept kitchen. the ergonomic design of this kitchen will reflect the owners. White color kitchen in all applicants, so beautiful and clean! Minimalist without addition of kitchen cabinets, this kitchen look simple but elegant.


Modern Timber Wood Home Design Ideas – Cool Wood Addition

Trojan home by Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows is a beautiful wood design modern house located in Howthorn, Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the Trojan horse of Virgil’s epic tale, this epic Australia each home design is wearing a bark that unites all parts of the individual.