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Pari & Dispari by Pressotto – Clean and Contemporary Living Room Meeting with The Needs of Modern Technology

This modern living room furniture has it all – style and storage. What more could you ask for? Pari Dispari from Presotto, is free-standing storage available in a huge variety of different combinations and finishes. Understanding that the modern lifestyle needs clean and contemporary while meeting the needs of modern technology. This new storage furniture… continue reading


Amazing Stone Prefab Home Architectural Design with Infinity Swimming Pool

awesome exterior prefab house architectural design Find this remarkable house designed by Spanish architect Ramon Esteve and combines contemporary living with the freedom of an apartment. Some exterior walls completed an impressive rock, probably inspired by the beauty of the landscape around the building. Areas of outdoor recreation as well defined, and you will see… continue reading


Great Indoor-Outdoor Juranda House Diverse Design and Architecture in Brasil

exterior brasil juranda house architecture design Holbrook House has Apiacás architects and is located in Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The residence has 150 square meters and is an interesting point of view of comfort, traditional design and economics. Architects try to develop the budget to a minimum and to ensure the connection of the… continue reading


BoConcept will live your Living Room with Modern Contemporary Furniture Decor

Living room is an important part of the house. This is a place for entertainment, television, or other activities and it is the first room to see our guests. BoConcept is the modern contemporary living room by Danish Modern furniture Manufacturer that is a fun and relaxed look, slim and stylish furniture.


The Minimalist Rincon Bates Town REsidence Architecture Design , a Maze of Contemporary Living 1.8.10

Here is a modern house, in line with the trends of contemporary life and at the same time retain some unique design elements. The Bates House’s Rincon Studio27 Architecture, is located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. After our lives are perfect in the residential area built by the famous, right? Interior design from scratch is… continue reading


Contemporary Italian Living Room Interior Design Ideas From Alf Da Fre

The living room is very important in every home, by the choice of a suitable design for your living room you can create a pleasant place to hang with family or friends.

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