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Comfortable Open Concept Interior Decoration Layout Designs in Seattle

Located in Seattle, designed by Jill Lewis and Lane Williams from Coop 15 Architecture has been redecorated house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The interior on the main floor is made with an open concept, cozy living room that was originally extended bedroom. New lighting, piping equipment, cabinets and finishes throughout.

Fresh Color Paint Theme Decor Designs for Fresh House Inspiring

color selection interior decor in this house with the shades of gray, green and pink to look fresh and natural. make-over resulting from layout and color selection makes more lively and funny. Designed by Jordi Vayreda, an inspiration when designers give colorful decorative elements like soft pillows on the floor, a small carpet.


Sample Classic Children or Kids Bedroom Interiors Decorating Design Ideas with Photos

classic bedroom interior decorating design ideas Classic interior is usually found in luxury for the moment. In addition, it was not always the case when it comes to the nursery. Of course, it can also be filled with luxury, classic furniture for the future, but furniture can also be very simple, without the style and… continue reading


Beautiful Modular Furniture Design Plans with Unique Storage System Idea

This capillary storage systems ingenious way to adapt. This unique shop designed by interior designer Slottje Carolijn Netherlands. Hair is a modular furniture system of flexible material such as rubber or felt.


Pink Color Decorative Interior In Modern Apartment Design

This design is warm and cozy apartment in downtown Copenhagen designers Laura Terp Hansen. Color to use pink as a dominant player in the interior of the home and stylish and feminine decor. In each room 88 square meter apartment slightly pink. This is not just a pillow, dust and other small objects inside.


Minimalist Elegant Bathroom Interior Designs by Dornbrach

can design So, really minimalist, almost Zen-like out of the bathroom you do not go with the modern design of Dornbracht wrong. Inspired by Tara fittings, bathroom was very quiet, not affected by interference from other decorative elements.