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Minimalist and Elegant Royal Dental Clinic Office Decoration Design Ideas

minimalist elegant receptionist interior decor design

minimalist elegant receptionist interior decor design

Royal Dental Dental Office is already visible impression of a modern and minimalist, with purple and white paint makes the nuances of elegance in every corner of the office. Royal Dental is a dental clinic, designed by Stefan Lazar & Adrian Annas located in Pipera, Bucharest, Romania.

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Modern Minimalist Interior Design For Apartment in Amsterdam by i29 Architects

This apartment for a family of four people in a stately building in the south of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was designed by architect I29. The original structure of the home, must with room for staff, a double room and long hallway with many doors have been converted to residential area full of light and air [...]

Creative Small Box Table Design With Storage Inspiration Ideas Photo Balancing Boxes by Porro

Balancing boxes of Swedish design group Front for Porro developed. This small table that knows a number of overlaps or irregular black metal box is. Visual look like a box falling into the void, like photography or painting Futurist immortalized.

Natural Beautiful Lodge Ideas Design in The Middle of Nature by Logg Architects

If it is a place near the sea or ocean, live on a hill or near the river is all of this, the environmental conditions that influence the construction process. So, if the entire architectural design came out amazing, that what is needed to reflect the particular circumstances of areas came as a plus.

Z-house design – Korean architects Hohyun Park and Hyunjoo Kim

Modern house with Z on the roof design is located in Gwangju Si, Gyeonggi-Do, where 30km from downtown seoul. Designed by Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim Architects.
Surrounded by small houses, is on top of a hill with a deep slope. Form of planned houses for the following scenarios and roof space, which is covered by [...]