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Luxury Residential For Living Inspiration Design in Apartments

apartment interior architecture design plan
Houses and luxury apartments, many with advanced features. A large open living area and incredible views of the lake and the mountains are more than outstanding. Floor to ceiling double glazed windows, the smooth integration of indoor-outdoor flow, open to large balconies and stunning designs by a new apartment on the same level.

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Combination Home And Office Building Architecture Design – Atelier Bisque Doll by UID Architects

home and office architecture building design
Integrating the home and office in the same building as the combination of architecture and design. This building is the name of the architecture is called bisque Doll Atelier is located in Osaka, Japan. design of the building is multifunctional UID Architects. This gallery, studio, puppet-making and place of residence at the same time.

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Modern Prefab Villa Soltun Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect

The houses are carefully placed in the landscape and follow the slope of the area as a place of Nordåsvatn. Houses in the form of twists and turns of a plan to follow the site boundaries. All bedrooms are downstairs with a large, open floor.
residential villa architecture design


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Modern Italian Kitchen Design Plans Ideas From Cesar

Kitchen far exceeds all other rooms we discussed. One of the reasons for this are many quality manufacturers out there that compete with one another in giving many choices to consumers. Italy alone accounts for a fair share of manufacturers and design houses seem to exist in every corner of the world!
colourfull kitchen plans design ideas


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Simple Sustainable House Plan Design Architecture Ideas In Santa Barbara by Shubin & Donaldson

This contemporary luxury homes designed in the style of environmental sustainability in the Santa Barbara known classical sites as “The Rivera”.

Unique Custom Sofa Chair Furniture was created by Dutch Designer

Unique Custom Sofa Chair Furniture was created by Dutch Designer

Unique chair custom variations unique form created by Dutch designer Erik Griffioen. Clever Dutch designers exhibiting unique sofa chair. Red and white sofa that is named Coucho and Growl Chair design. Couch and chair design convertible sofa upholstered with wooden support that has been painted white and give comfort in sitting. Couch sofa chair custom [...]

Simple Beautiful Apartment Design Inspiration in Sweden

The hotel is situated in central Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden to pay, this spacious home the remains of historical value. The core of the village is a beautiful space with large windows in the shape of the original date of the last century architectural design. This wall also has a statue that [...]

Modern And Minimalist Bathroom Interior Ideas by Axor Bouroullec

Latest collection of bathroom furniture and a sense of real Axor designed by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Axor Bouroullec bathroom consists of 85 items, including: mixers, washing, bathing and shower rooms for solutions, and so on.