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The Best Modern Spiral Staircase Designs are a Solution to Your Exclusive Home

white aesthetic spiral staircase design plans

A minimalist house and multiple floors in your home are very attractive and effective when you connect them by modern spiral staircase. You can combine various materials such as steel, iron, wood, aluminum and etc., to make spiral staircase. Your plight layout can be better by the curved staircase. Spiral staircase gives the exotic value to your house. You can place the spiral staircase at the corner, the middle of your house, or even you can place it between two rooms as the partition.

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Amazing Round Acrylic Bathtub with Modern Shower Inspiration Design

amazing round acrylic bathtub inspiration design

Soleil’s newest bathtub is designed by Porcelanosa. Has a round shape with a diameter of 170cm and is made from acrylic. This is natural with a coat of white acrylic or maple available with graphite and colored trim the edge of the round steel.

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Cozy Contemporary Decorating Interiors Design in Small Two-Level Apartment

Cozy Contemporary Decorating Interiors Design in Small Two-Level Apartment

contemporary interior design small apartment design
two floors, located in Moscow and designed by Andrey Zharnitsky Studio. The first area is about 200 square meters, while the second is only 45 square meters. Interior as a whole is designed in a modern style, especially on the issue of natural colors. Played in sequence, depending on the [...]

Modern Hanging Pendant Lamps for Informal Beautiful Room Decor

Hanging Lamp offers a modern suspension lighting to illuminate the room spaces of your home. Hanging pendant lamp modern lighting design lighting solutions attractive room. Hanging lamp shades color design adorns the living room or lounge of your home. UV light bulbs used in the lampshade. Simply highlight pendant lighting modern decor of the room. [...]

Modern Black And White Bathroom Interior Designs Idea by Falper

Falper is the Italian design company bathroom and we found a fabulous collection. If you are looking for creative modern bathroom, should Falper be on the radar.

modern design style Home in Cuneo, Italy by Architect Duilio Damilano

Modern design style house designed by architect Duilio Damilano brings us contemporary B House is situated in Cuneo, Italy. This modern house was taking shape in 2006 and finally completed in March 2008. Characterized by the presence of strong horizontal and minimalist white facade, the exterior of the house that has windows lined with spacious [...]