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Modern Small Custom Elegant Outdoor Dog Home Design Plans

modern small custom dog house design

When it comes to animals, some people are out of their way to ensure that these animals are treated in the best possible way. Waste today, special dog from home and best friend of a hand, the state of the art-house “modern” dog. “Cubix is a stylish miniature work of architecture inspired by the Bauhaus style and designed for comfort and designed” filled living space “for the animals.

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Modern Mid Century House Design and Features a Stunning Internal Courtyard

This mid-century modern house was originally designed in 1964 by Theodore Berman. Of course now he has renovated a bit and it still has a modern look inside and outside. Two elements that distinguish this modern house from many others is the internal pages are amazing and fabulous Tiki bar. This page is located in [...]

25 Zecc Project Houses Architecture Design

On the east side of South Groningen, an industrial area become blurred. Therefore, a large space to build a housing project is available. An existing building on the banks of the river a few live in their original condition. In other areas covered with large blocks that will be achieved. This block has a large [...]

Glamourous Large Glass Pavilion Residence Architecture Design in California

Glamourous Large Glass Pavilion Residence Architecture Design in California

glamorous glass pavilion residence in california
The Glass Pavilion is the home of Steve Hermann and shows an approach that is limitless for a modern life seems to be. This project is in Montecito, California, United States, although the architecture for the first time I thought, this is a construction of Europe. outside this House [...]

simple comfortable house plans architectural

This is a classic interior luxury homes situated on the outskirts of Brno in the Czech Republic, is a modern luxury playground in the quiet, rural setting with swimming pool in front of this luxury home. Designed by the architectural firm scrambled, the house is located on a hill sloping lot overlooking endless tree-covered hills [...]