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Natural And Modern Renovation Interior Decor Designs in the Swiss Alps

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We are very pleased to see the houses where the elements of an integrated nature. Today, the house was renovated by Christian Speck of the formzone and has a certain charm and genuine. The hotel is located in a beautiful village in the Swiss Alps, this house combines elements of modern design with exceptional rural elements, creating a unique atmosphere.

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Amazing Falling Water House Plan One Of The Most Famous Houses In The World Built Over a Waterfall

Houses Fallingwater is the name of a very special home that was built on top of the waterfall. This immediately became famous, and today is a National Historic Landmark. Imagine a house, that does not even appear to stand on solid ground, but extends over a waterfall 30 ‘.

Modern Eco Friendly Boffi Kitchen Furniture Layout Design Plan – New Duemilaotto

Modern Eco Friendly Boffi Kitchen Furniture Layout Design Plan – New Duemilaotto

Boffi has released a new eco-friendly kitchen. This is a cool and calm kitchen design. This kithen design is called new-friendly boffy kitchen duemialotto. This cool and calm kitchen is designed by Piero Lissoni. It uses naturalamterials such as stone tile, reclaimed wood and solid wood, constrasted beautifully with man-made materials such as stainless steel [...]

The Latest Creation of Creative, Innovative and Flexible Multi-Function Flip Table / Workstation

Design by Signe Baddsgaard and four Danish designers, No Problem. Managed to find creative ideas to create “innovative solutions to common problems that optimize every daily life through the investigation and understanding of needs”.

Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanities with Sample Photo

Bathroom vanity is undoubtedly the center of the bathroom in a house renovation or decorating project. Carmenta created a beautiful collection of bathroom vanities, called “58?