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Dramatic Landscape House Architecture by Todd Saunders Architect

A small house in the landscape dramatically. From a house that will be different, but similar to that local farms are made of wood and red metal. The house will be free of chemical paint, insulated with recycled newsprint and heated with wood pellets produced in a local factory new. The House will include composting toilets and gray water will be treated in the rest of the system of small reed bed.

reed bed villa mountain architecture design


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Beach T-house designed by Pete Bossley

Okitu house designed by Pete Bossley is located in the dream. The beauty of this beach is located on a ridge above the east coast with views of Poverty Bay right round to Tatapouri Point in New Zealand. This beach house also has a shaded outdoor area sheltered from the east and the east [...]

Comfortable Wood House – Coastal Cottage Chic in Carmel, California

Design of wooden houses make you feel comfortable, seemed to be in the cool woods, warm. located in Caramel, California by Chicago-based Dirk Denison Architects. Cedar walls, windows made of mahogany wood, stone and glass in abundance for a weekend house that combines modern design and contemporary, yet maintain a strong relationship with nature. [...]

Modern Bookshelves Storage Cabinet Furniture Design Ideas and Lamp in Night

Modern Bookshelves Storage Cabinet Furniture Design Ideas and Lamp in Night

cabinet bookshelves storage furniture design
If you are looking for attractive housing, then you should watch the company Wha. Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev is a versatile wardrobe cabinet, the DSD as a lamp. The day he was in the closet, and worked as a night light.

Classic Luxury Bathroom Furniture Isnpiration Design from Lineatre

Gold Componibile bathroom furniture collection Lineatre is one of them, what they say, when you think about a luxury bathroom design.