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The Beautiful Amazing Stockholm Loft Design Ideas Collection with 16 Feet Ceilings

We can see here the all four directions and it’s blasted in sun from glorious windows besides the loft. This amazing loft is made from the high quality materials and appliances. In this area, the open and very spacious ling is really fantastic with wood burning fire place which is being made from the custom built bookshelf that emphasizes the height and shape of the ceiling and separate dining area.

Modern and Awesome Relaxing Bathroom Decorating Designs Ideas

Relaxation can be enjoyed up to the bathrooms, to release the pressure. Our bathroom design inspiration, whether in the form of bath or decorative objects inspired decor and display attractive, bathroom design in this article could make the relaxation in your body.


Modern Elegant Pixilated Mosaic Walls Bathroom Interior Decorating Design Ideas

pixilated wall bathroom interiors design ideas You can see what looks cool bathroom design like a pixilated or mosaik bathroom be. Here is another example of a single modern bathroom that features a tile mosaic in black and white on some walls. Although not look in top form, a kind of art yet elegant.


Changing your Bathroom with the Modern Luxury Bathroom Ideas of Franco Pecchioli

Franco Pecchioli inspires you in changing your bathroom models. This is his unusual idea for modern luxury bathroom. He uses the contemporary bathroom features new ceramic tile collection. He said that the bath is Pieces de resistance from elegant bathroom. The bath is finished inside and out with mixed motives mixtures, the square wall tiles,… continue reading


Modern Elegant Bathroom Set with White Interior Design – SensareMare from Hoesch

SensaMare bathroom is one product more Hoesch, who had served in 2009 ish in Frankfurt. Refers to the bathroom has a shower, tub and sink. It is for people who are active, as a comfortable and modern furniture designed. If you’re one of them, you should check it out.


Minimalist Elegant Bathroom Interior Designs by Dornbrach

can design So, really minimalist, almost Zen-like out of the bathroom you do not go with the modern design of Dornbracht wrong. Inspired by Tara fittings, bathroom was very quiet, not affected by interference from other decorative elements.

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