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Luxury Residential For Living Inspiration Design in Apartments

apartment interior architecture design plan
Houses and luxury apartments, many with advanced features. A large open living area and incredible views of the lake and the mountains are more than outstanding. Floor to ceiling double glazed windows, the smooth integration of indoor-outdoor flow, open to large balconies and stunning designs by a new apartment on the same level.

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Pink Color Interior Plans in Apartment Design – Tribeca Lofts

Ghislaine Viñas is an interior designer who really enjoy the color pink and green. Even shows that the web site. Among his works there are two cage designs in Tribeca, New York, the interior is also able to show that. Although the interior is quite neutral they feature some places, where pink accents add life [...]

Contemporary Renovation Interior The Pasinetti house in Beverly Hills, California

Relatively simple luxury house was originally designed by Mid-Century, the famous architect from Haralamb Georgescu in 1958. Pasinetti’s house is located in Beverly Hills, California.
Recently bought a contemporary house by a real estate developer Tim Braseth Willow Glen Partners in 2007, then experienced a change in interior design to shape contemporary home, designed by the [...]

Elegance Classic And Rustic Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Pictures

Elegance Classic And Rustic Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Pictures

Only this time the subtle and sophisticated take on the classic and modern decor other and gives us a glimmer of hope to make this wonderful time in relation to our multi-cultural contemporary life. Now some of their old furniture just because of aging and antique hand-polished lacquer, but the details in the art is [...]

Modern Minimalist Stoned Box House Architecture Design in Sao Paolo

Stoned Box House is a minimalist design house in Sao Paolo. Old-one-story home in Sao Paolo, Brazil was, was by Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato redesigned. Dubbed Box House, a small building with 100 meters above sea level in the next two blocks away.