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Modern Tropical Beach House Architecture Floating Tropical House Design on a Steep Slope – Casa Em Ubatuba by SPBR

tropical beach house plants architecture design photo

16M x 55m side of the house is situated on a hill near the coast Tenorio, Ubatuba away. This is 28m above the beach in a large and steep slopes. Almost the entire site and surrounding forests protected by environmental influences, so that there are many complications during the construction phase.

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A Single Family House Architecture Design Overlooking Fields and Fyn Beech Forest

single family house concept architecture design
This house is a beautiful family on a hill overlooking the fields and beech woods Fyn away. The company consists of two boxes, which was conducted in stone composite simple gray, custom-made. Side view of the fields and forests, characterized by large windows that invite natural light inside.

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Casas del Sol – The Modern Comfortable Furniture of a Tropic Villa Design Collection

You will love the style of the house; it looks gorgeous like a VIP resort. The colors are neutral and the furniture is modern and very comfortable. The characteristic feature of this villa is a unique combination of modern interior with the local exotic. The chairs and table are also made of the local solid wood. Jalousie everywhere hides the owners from the redundant sun.

Ultra Luxury Technology Interior Decorating Design for Inspiration – Villa F by Najjar & Najjar

Ultra Luxury Technology Interior Decorating Design for Inspiration – Villa F by Najjar & Najjar

futuristic villa interior decorating architecture design
This Ultra luxury home in Vienna, Austria, was built in the early 80s. He belonged to a young entrepreneur and prolific that it recently commissioned Najjar. Owners often works in the customer’s home grown and out of there. He likes the style of the Lamborghini design, and Macintosh. Therefore, the [...]

Cubic Brighton House: Lavish Melbourne home with plenty of glass and class

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, this spectacular modern home planned by architect Nic Bochsler is all about life in the modern minimalist style. Dijuluki Brighton House, it offers beautiful scenery from both the city and Melbourne’s famous beaches. Sweeping large interior with most dressed in white, many with glass to provide ventilation of [...]

Modern Colorful and Fresh Furniture Collection Design Ideas : Kube

Modern Colorful and Fresh Furniture Collection Design Ideas : Kube

modern colorful furniture gallery collection ideas
KUBE is a playful and colorful interior design has a unique personality. Colorful, strong and well, full furniture collection, as the room looks on. He is very dynamic, and that’s good enough to inspire people around them should be the same.